How to Make Espresso – 4 Different Ways: Complete Guide

An espresso lover always knows that espresso has an authentic flavor no matter where you make it. The problem is that espresso is not like the coffee type you’ll have available at all times, especially when you’re away from home.

It can be challenging to find espresso at work, at school, or in places where a coffee machine sounds improbable to see. Espresso is beneficial in times of relaxation. It can even be useful to prevent us from sleeping in the middle of a class that’s boring.

The thing is that we are too accustomed to having everything on deck, this means, an espresso machine at hand to prepare espresso when it’s needed. It seems impossible to do a thing in that situation, but it’s possible to make this happen at home. We can do plenty of things without an espresso machine at home.

In short, some methods we can use for making homemade espresso.

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How to make espresso with regular coffee

Regular coffee is the type of coffee bean we regularly use at home. It’s the one that comes in most regular bags and put in pans with boiling water. Believe it or not, that regular coffee we use for making the same particular homemade caffeinated drink we’re used to, also works for preparing espresso.

According to espresso experts, espresso is not hard to make. When you use regular coffee, you even have the chance to make twice the coffee you’d prepare with espresso ground beans and a specialized machine. Nonetheless, there are unique pots that make this process more manageable at home.

Some pot brands like AeroPress can give us the possibility to prepare espresso in no time. Is it feasible to make espresso using another pot? Yes, sure, but this time, we’re going to generalize the process taking the AeroPress pot as reference for a regular pot. The process is the same but with little time variations, though (in case you only have a traditional pot model).

You need:

  • The beans
  • The pot
  • And a coffee grinder

Some suggest using a tablespoon for measuring the quantity of coffee

A kettle –if it’s electric, much better

The process goes like this

Heat the water normally do not let it boil above 96 degrees

Grind the beans until they get enough consistency. They must be subtle enough. Use a tablespoon for this.

Rinse the AeroPress drain cap with hot water. Don’t forget to fix the filter into the AeroPress.

Put the mug in a place where the coffee will be poured.

After that, put the grounds in the press.

Now, the following step can be done without this special press – the AeroPress. Virtually speaking, the AeroPress exerts pressure on the coffee grounds to make espresso. You can do this more rudimentarily at home. You need well-ground coffee to brew coffee of this sort after all.

The other tip consists incorrectly measuring the water to pour in the presser (if you’re using one like AeroEspress). The recommended quantity is half a cup.

Stir the mixture of coffee and water for 30 seconds, and that’s all.

How to make espresso with instant coffee

To make espresso with instant coffee, we can use Nescafe.

The first step is to teaspoon some Nescafe depending on how strong you want the beverage.

Use ½ cup milk and ½ cup water. You can also add some drops of premixing, yet this is not mandatory.

Add sugar if you want. You can use any sweetener also.

Cinnamon –(optional)

Cocoa powder (optional)

The last two ingredients are entirely optional as they are not an essential part of this type of coffee.

The instructions are quite simple, but the process is arguably split into two parts because the machine prepares the ingredients separately.

The coffee powder and the sugar are put in a mug, separated from the other ingredients. Then add a very little amount of water and stir until the mixture gets whitish and shiny. If it forms a paste, you did it well.

The following steps are optional and only if the espresso is wanted with milk or chocolate.

Boil some milk and water separately. Once they’re ready, pour them into the mug where the coffee is.

To finish, sprinkle cinnamon to improve the espresso taste.

How to make espresso in a pan

This is also called the saucepan method, which is very famous in the countryside, where there’s probably a lack of supplies, or it’s just part of people’s itinerary. The only thing you need is a saucepan, put coffee in it, and heat the water and coffee like you were cooking anything. Use the stove to do so.

These are the supplies you need to make espresso in a pan:

Coffee grounds


Small saucepan




To make it, pour more water than beans in the pan and let it boil for up to two minutes. While it is reaching the boiling point, stir the mixture with a spoon.

It is essential to set the burner to medium. The water and the coffee beans must get hot enough but never burned. The spoon could help prevent the grounds from burning and staying on the bottom.

The duration of this procedure lasts 2 minutes. After that, remove the saucepan off the stove.

To serve it, pour the coffee in the mug slowly. The remaining of the beans will not come down with the coffee because they are too heavy but pour it slowly.

How to Make Espresso on the stove

Making espresso on the stove follows the same instructions as with the saucepan method. Just look for a recipient like the Moka pot that can exert enough pressure and keep the beverage hot. Then set the burner to medium and put the pot on it.

Use more water than coffee, so the mixture forms a paste when done.

Use a spoon to stir it while brewing.

There are always grounds that rest on the bottom of the pot, but you can remove them with a teaspoon before your shot.

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